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We've been backing the best of Web3 from pre-seed to growth since 2012. Our LPs are institutional investors, web3 founders and HNWs with a common belief in a decentralised future. Find out more about Fabric's funds by registering below. For any questions please email

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"Richard, by virtue of being on the Near Foundation Council has provided acritical input around strategic decisions in business development and marketing while, also helping resolve crises that are inevitable in high-growth organisations." - Illia.

"We have been working together with the team at Fabric for over 2 years now. Their experience drawn from companies like MySQL and Automic in both company building in general and open source and dev-driven products specifically makes them an invaluable partner in the space- beyond what a traditional investor would be." - Juta.

"Fabric Ventures has been one of our earliest backers since our seed round & have been continuous contributors beyond capital since then." - Nicolas.

"The team at Fabric Posses strong insights into the Web3 industry, tokenomics and valuable connections on both the capital and talent sides." - Robbie

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